As true professionals, we show our face.

Studio TALes is made up of videomakers and photographers who, after years as a freelance in various fields (business, music, cinema, reportage, documentary and sports), have decided to combine their skills to offer a complete visual communication.

Thanks to our experiences, we are able to manage both small communication projects quickly and at the same time professionally, and more complex sets that require specific skills. In a historical moment in which communication becomes more important every day, video and photography are the most suitable means to reach a large audience in a functional way.

Our goal always remains the same: to help you tell a story, yours, in each of its fundamental stages. Everything deserves to be narrated in the most correct way. The contents are not enough to convey the beauty of the story, but the most suitable form of expression is also needed.

We will be happy to meet you to hear your story and find the best narrative form to tell it.

Andrea Mondati

Co-Founder e Creative

+39 348 8187961

I graduated in 2010 in Performing Arts and Sciences at the La Sapienza University of Rome. My training started with a research and an analysis of the contents and the forms in which these must be expressed in order to reach the viewer. My professional training continued in the field of cinema, thanks to the opportunity to follow the Manetti Bros., italian directors and screenwriters of films, TV series and music videos on the set. I moved to the province of Treviso where I worked in the television sector within the Venetian studios of La8 / La9. Later I entered the corporate commercial communication sector, managing the video area of the national network of home technology professionals. At the moment I deal with writing at 360 °, in the video and information field, collaborating with sector magazines such as MondoFOX and GamesVillage.

Luca De Gaspari

Co-Founder e Director

+39 340 8348611

Graduated from the DAMS of Padua and graduated in Directing and Screenwriting at the Academy of Cinema in Bologna. In 2009 I trained as an editor at LogoVideo in Milan and, the following year, I founded Iride Video. I was a freelance videomaker and editor for 7 years before joining the Studio TALes project. During these years I have worked mainly in the world of music collaborating, among others, with Red Canzian, Miki Porru, Latte +, Scacciapensieri and OJM. The triggering reason that led me to create Studio TALes together with Andrea and Guido was the need to confront myself, to influence myself and, therefore, to grow artistically and professionally. In fact, I believe that only by joining forces and points of view can the objectives be achieved. It is only by combining skills that one progresses and completes what, alone, one always leaves halfway.

Guido Zulian

Co-Founder e Camera Operator

+39 349 2343203

I started by following in the footsteps of my father who was a great lover of video shooting and editing in the analog era. With digital innovation, I became more passionate about shooting and I decided to attend various courses on shooting techniques and the technical notions of the new cameras. Following the world of sport, I started doing my first jobs for small businesses such as martial arts gyms, up to following the most important Italian events on horses, including the prestigious Verona Horse Fair. Over the years I have also taken part in many other works within the sector, such as short films and productions of television shows for TCA in Trento. Then knowing Luca and Andrea I joined them to take up a new challenge, no longer alone but as a real team.

Eddi Crocco

Drone Pilot e Colorist

+39 349 8493476

My first passion was music and sound, sectors in which I can now boast twenty-five years of experience, particularly in that of composition. Creativity then took hold, spreading to other areas, where knowledge mixes and feeds each other. So I got to deal with the development of 3D clips, to which I combine the creation and production of backing tracks and sound effects, thus creating 360 ° projects, always original and authentic. With the development of photography and aerial shooting, I was fascinated by the possibility of getting up in flight, acquiring a unique point of view on the reality that surrounds me. So, from 2016, I became a recognized ENAC Drone Operator, specialized in the creation of these fascinating but delicate shots. My journey as a videomaker continues, deepening everything related to shooting and optics, in search of always new and innovative forms of expression.

Simone Colucciello


+39 329 4240791

I was born in Montebelluna (TV) in 1982. After graduating in archeology, I start studying as a self-taught in the field of photography, I start my studio and I start shooting not only in archaeological contexts but also in portraying. Since then I have shot for events and weddings, participating in photographic competitions in order to broaden my photographic horizons. Since 2015 I have held a basic photography course in Montebelluna (TV) and an archeology course aimed at enthusiasts. In 2016 I decided to go on my own with my activities as an archaeologist and photographer. I currently live and still work in Montebelluna and I joined Studio TALes to work in a stimulating, creative and constantly moving context.

Nicola Poloniato

Camera Operator

+39 340 6149305

I worked for 13 years as a cameraman and video editor at local TVs, dealing with news services, commercials, programs and sporting events. In 2010, together with Luca, I founded Iride Video, making documentaries and music videos together. I have always been passionate about photography and I have participated in competitions and workshops where I was able to test myself with satisfaction. In 2018 I attended a Digital Marketing course at Veneto Formazione, where I learned notions of SEO and management of Social Networks. I am the creator of the blog “brickitaly.com”, a site dedicated to the world of LEGO® bricks. Here I publish news and above all video interviews with Italian fans. The blog and the related Social Networks, in addition to making me known in this splendid and fun environment, have allowed me to make friends throughout Italy. In Studio TALes I found a friendly and dynamic environment, where teamwork and professionalism are fundamental.