We make corporate videos, events, documentaries, film production, aerial shots and music videos.


Making your own music video is now easier than ever, thanks to new technologies. Relying on professionals who, in addition to professional equipment, are also able to create a story, however, guarantees a high quality video clip. Because as in music there is a need for love, passion and technique, even for video these elements are fundamental.


We are alongside those who want to undertake the always magical path of cinema, with small and large productions of films and documentaries, whether they are short films or feature films, but also pilot episodes for TV series, television formats and news reports. The professionality to best describe reality and its many facets.


Communication is becoming more video and companies have many tools at their disposal to speak directly to their customers. We help you create your corporate videos, such as tutorials, product sheets, corporate videos and commercials, to reach customers and tell your story.


Create an unforgettable memory of your events with a video modeled on your personality. A complete and fascinating story, inspired by the style of the day, to advertise future editions, give it to those who took part in it or simply create a pleasant memory to review in future years.


Making a video of sporting events requires experience and maximum concentration. Always be in the right place at the right time, quickly understand what kind of shooting to perform in relation to the moment, make the most of the athletes technique and physical efforts. All this to create an engaging and precise story of what sport is.


Modern drones allow us today to create original and captivating aerial shots that contribute to creating innovative points of view. Our group is expert in maneuvering these new technologies to create new visions, while respecting the law. All our dronists, in fact, are in possession of an ENAC license, they know the rules for flying and which permits to request to work in compliance with the regulations in force.